Hydration Tips
You're surrounded by water, so you might not realize how much your body actually needs it on the inside! Read this article to find out more about keeping hydrated. It is about summer hydration, but good tips for year-round too.

The Magic of an Opportunity
Great read about what can happen if you're given an opportunity and you choose to take it or not in regard to swimming.

How to Pack for a Swim Meet
Knowing what to pack for a meet so you're prepared.

5 Ways to Make the Most of a Bad Practice
We all have "off" days when we don't feel like a champ at practice... here is some advice for dealing with that.

5 Reasons to Swim the 200 Fly

Because you haven't really lived until you've done this event

The 10 Rules of the Taper

The best part of the season, so take care of yourself

How to be Mentally Tough

5 Reasons to Swim an Off Event

Variety is the spice of life, after all!

7 Biggest Mistakes Swimmers Make Before a Championship Meet
Avoid these common mistakes before a championship meet.

5 Ways to Relax Before Your Next Big Swim
Learn ways to prepare your mind and body for a great race and get rid of the anxiety.

4 Mental Tips to Overcome Pre-Race Jitters
How to get rid of nervousness before a race

What Not to Say to Competitors Before Races

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