Club Recognition

We are currently Level 2

The Club Recognition Program offers our club members a working blueprint for developing strong, stable, financially sound and athletically productive organizations.

Designed by USA Swimming's Club Development Committee (comprised primarily of coaches), this voluntary program presents four levels of achievement across four component areas deemed critical to long-term club success. The program encourages clubs to establish organizational goals and to benchmark their progress toward those goals.

The ultimate objective of the program is to strengthen the club system in USA Swimming by guiding clubs through a development process that ultimately positions the program and its coaches to better serve athletes.

The Club Development Committee looked at many different factors that helped create "great" clubs. The committee grouped all of the factors into four major component areas:

1. Business & Organizational Success
2. Parent & Volunteer Development
3. Coach Development & Education
4. Athlete Development & Performance


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If you would like to receive text alerts, please join the appropriate groups by texting the following to 81010:

Beginners: @marabegin

Novice: @maranovice

Black: @marablack

Gold: @maragold

Pull buoy

Hand paddles

Breaststroke fins

Short fins

Regular fins

The team suit (TBD) is encouraged to promote team unity, and a new one is chosen every year or two. Otherwise, a suit in team colors of black and gold or plain black is preferred.

Equipment is required for each group, and some suggested optional equipment is listed. Swimmers are encouraged to bring these in a mesh bag. Click the pictures to see preferred examples and places to order.

Beginner & Novice

Required: regular fins   

Optional: kickboard, breaststroke fins

Black, Gold, Gold Elite

Required: regular fins, pull buoy, hand paddles (agility paddles are recommended!)

Optional: kickboard, short fins, breaststroke fins, snorkel

Suits & Equipment

We are fortunate to be able to use two pools. Pucillo Natatorium is located in the Pucillo Gym building, and is the main pool and where we hold meets and most of our practices. It was renovated in 2010 and is 25 yards long with 6 wide lanes. The Willow Valley pool is located at the Cultural Center (NOT THE DOUBLETREE) and is an L-shaped pool with 6 25 yard lanes in one direction and 3 25 yard lanes with blocks in the other.

Willow Valley Pool

Pucillo Natatorium

Willow Valley Cultural Center Pool

Pucillo Natatorium

Pool Locations

Marauder Contacts

The Marauder Advantage:

  • Progressive stroke technique training – clear, concise explanation of the latest in stroke skills combined with the very best drills to reinforce those skills. We “do technique” every day, every set, every swim!
  • Underwater filming – we film and analyze our swimmers with our underwater cameras. Our techniques give us a clear view of what our swimmers are doing, allowing for the best analysis and correction.
  • Dryland training - our comprehensive dryland program allows our swimmers to become better overall athletes.
  • Education - Our coaches will educate the swimmers why and how successful training will incorporate in to successful racing by looking at videos from some of the top coaches and athletes in our sport and taking their “secrets” and putting them to work in practice.
  • Dedicated, knowledgeable coaches - Our coaching staff is dedicated to helping swimmers achieve their best. They keep up to date on the latest stroke and racing techniques. Our small team size allows coaches to get to know swimmers personally. In addition, no matter how many swimmers are attending a meet, even if it's just one, we will always have a coach present.
  • Relationship development – with coaches, team mates, officials and parents, relationships make our team work. Learning to develop these relationships is a life skill all of our swimmers benefit from for a lifetime. 
  • A range of competitive offerings – we offer our swimmers every opportunity to reach their goals, from mini-meets, to local league dual meets, to USA Swimming meets. We give our swimmers the opportunity to swim not only locally but also nationally.  From seasonal swimming to year round swimming we offer it all! We are the only club in Lancaster County that offers spring and summer training at no additional cost!
  • Two Training sites – we use both Pucillo Natatorium on the Millersville campus and the Willow Valley Cultural Center pool as our training sites through out the year to give our swimmers added flexibility and pool space.
  • Low Swimmer to Coach ratio – We keep our numbers limited to allow for our swimmers to get the most attention from our coaching staff and the most out of each practice. We believe in quality, not quantity.
  • Individualized Goal Setting – Our coaches work one on one with each of our swimmers to help them plan out their goals, both short term and long term.
  • Flexibility with Fundraising and Volunteering- We do need parent volunteers to help run meets and functions as with any team and conduct fundraisers when needed, and we make the volunteering system fair and manageable. We appreciate the help we get from a great parent group. Our fundraising goes toward equipment and other items for our team.

Please contact Coach Jillian Almoney at for more information on registration.  

Payment plans available!

We believe that everyone, regardless of economic situation, should be given the opportunity to swim.Therefore, we are willing to work with families on making payments as easy as possible. Please contact Coach Kyle if you require further assistance with payment beyond our standard payment plans.


Agility paddles

Are the fins a little roomy or uncomfortable? Try having your swimmer wear socks (just regular or thick ones will do... no need to buy the "special" fin socks.

Be careful to get paddles that are an ideal size. Read the descriptions- the paddles pictured are for smaller/younger swimmers. Finis Agility Paddles (pictured), Speedo "Strokemaker" (pictured). or TYR Catalyst Contour (white, small size for most kids) are preferred. Sporti brand or similar are ok also.

Junior size pull buoys are ideal for smaller (mainly 10 & under) swimmers, otherwise regular size is fine.

Snorkels- We have a bunch of these at the pool, but many swimmers like to have their own. They work well with fins and paddles. We prefer the Michael Phelps Focus snorkel- click the picture.

Breaststroke fins are optional but may be helpful to swimmers wanting to improve breaststroke kick, as well as breaststrokers looking to get stronger. Finis positive drive fins may also be helpful in this capacity. Short fins are great for reinforcing proper flutter/dolphin kick.

Any questions, please contact the coaches.

Guiding and Developing Champions in the Pool and Beyond!

Notes about equipment: